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Surgical Dentistry

Surgical Dentistry

Most common surgical procedures include extractions, impactions, Apicoectomy, Flap surgeries, jaw surgeries (orthognathic).
Before After
Before After

Crown lengthening 1

Pre-op view
After initial incisions
Apically displaced flap raised

Crown lenghtening 2

After suturing
Post –op after 1 week

After crown placement on 21, 22

Free ginigval graft

Pre-op view
Recipient bed prepared
Surgical template at
donor site
Graft removed from
Sutured in defect area
Post –op view 2 months

Surgical Dentistry

Single stage IMPLANT1

Grade III recession with 31

Grade III recession with 31
Recipient bed prepared
Lateral pedicle graft sutured
Post- op after 1 week
Post- op after 8 weeks

Modified widman flap

Front view
Interval Bevel Incision –buccal view
Palatal view

Sulcular incision flap for pocket 1

7 mm pocket mesial to 16
On flap reflection
After flap debridement

Modified widman 2

Flap Reflected
On flap reflection
After suturing

Sulcular incision 2

After sutures
Post-op after 1 month
3mm probing depth

Papilla Doc2

Papilla preservation flap

5 mm pocket mesial to 22
(Williams graduated probe)
Palatal view
6mm pocket at 21
Semilunar incisions- base of papilla

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